Girivalam is one of the best event that occurs on every full moon day in a month! A monthly ritual, a token of devotion working a stage in spiritual developments. The illumination of the entire disc of moon, is a monthly feature devotees drawn from different parts of the land visit the temple and phallic symbol placed in the sanctum sanctorum, and the mother Goddess ‘UMA’ and dextrally move in a circle in large numbers keeping the hill as the centre covering in a complete round a distance of nearly fifteen kilometers.



Monthly Girivalam dates and timings:

Date  Day   Start Timing   End Timing
 11-Jan-2017  Thursday  11-Jan 07:58 PM  12-Jan 06:11 PM
 10-Feb-2017  Friday  10-Feb 08:02 AM  11-Feb 06:58 AM
 11-Mar-2017  Saturday  11-Mar 08:56 PM  12-Mar 08:50 PM
 10-Apr-2017  Monday  10-Apr 10:53 AM  11-Apr 11:47 AM
 10-May-2017  Wednesday  10-May 01:46 AM  11-May 03:27 AM
 08-Jun-2017  Thursday  08-Jun 05:24 PM  09-Jun 07:31 PM
 08-July-2017  Saturday  08-July 08:45 AM  09-July 10:26 AM
 06-Aug-2017  Sunday  06-Aug 11:32 PM  07-Aug 11:55 PM
 05-Sep-2017  Tuesday  05-Sep 01:01 AM  06-Sep 01:03 AM
 04-Oct-2017  Wednesday  04-Oct 01:35 AM  05-Oct 12:40 AM
 03-Nov-2017  Friday  03-Nov 01:20 AM  04-Nov 11:40 AM
 02-Dec-2017  Saturday  02-Dec 11:45 AM  03-Dec 10:23 PM

 * Note : we take atmost care of providing valid data.. However, we are not responsible for any discrepancies!



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