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Shivashtakam Lyrics in English

In this article, you can read the Shivashtakam Lyrics in English to worship lord shiva. Recitating Shivashtakam is one of the best ways to pray lord siva peruman. You can also read sivapuranam daily or on special days during your prayers and pooja timings at your home or at temples.

Shivashtakam Lyrics

Lord Shiva Stotrams – Shivashtakam Lyrics in English

Prabhum prananatham vibhum visvanatham jagannatha natham sadananda bhajam
bhavadbhavya bhutesvaram bhutanatham, sivam sankaram sambhu misanamide 1

Gaḷe rundamalam tanau sarpajalam mahakala kalam ganesadi palam
jatajuta gangottarangai rvisalam, sivam sankaram sambhu misanamide 2

Mudamakaram mandanam mandayantam maha mandalam bhasma bhusadharam tam
anadim hyaparam maha mohamaram, sivam sankaram sambhu misanamide 3

Vatadho nivasam mahattattahasam mahapapa nasam sada suprakasam
girisam ganesam suresam mahesam, sivam sankaram sambhu misanamide 4

Girindratmaja sangṛhitardhadeham girau samsthitam sarvadapanna geham
parabrahma brahmadibhir-vandyamanam, sivam sankaram sambhu misanamide 5

Kapalam trisulam karabhyam dadhanam padambhoja namraya kamam dadanam
balivardhamanam suranam pradhanam, sivam sankaram sambhu misanamide 6

Saraccandra gatram gananandapatram trinetram pavitram dhanesasya mitram
aparna kaḷatram sada saccaritram, sivam sankaram sambhu misanamide 7

Haram sarpaharam cita bhuviharam bhavam vedasaram sada nirvikaram
smasane vasantam manojam dahantam, sivam sankaram sambhu misanamide 8

Svayam yah prabhate narassula pane pathet stotraratnam tvihaprapyaratnam
suputram sudhanyam sumitram kaḷatram vicitraissamaradhya moksam prayati…

Om Namah Shivaya…

Shivashtakam Benefits in English

When one chant Shivashtakam, his body go into deep state of spirituality, which helps to mind.

By chanting it, God Shiva may give boons because Lord Shiva pleased easily who pray to them. It can change what written in destiny, even if death decided on certain time, it can also change.
There is nothing impossible to him who know this stotram. It is easy to read but has such power that one can’t understand even in thousands of years.

One who have health related problems will get cured in small amount of time.

This shivashtakam is so wonderful to chant as it helps to calm your mind. You have to go deep into concentration while chanting, only then you can recite it. So it helps with staying focused.

Once you go to the realm of deeper concentration, it works on the mind, body and soul. Life is only an energy particle, so energy vibrates from you to the outside universe and you get aligned with positive vibes which are travelling around you constantly.

It thus gives you peace, health and abundance in life. Many yogi’s vibrations and mahavatar’s vibes are constantly around us seeking to be united with us. So chant this mantra and try to get in line with them and get the abundance in life flowing in to you.

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