Why we should not go to temple after eating non veg?

Usually we follow a some good rituals in our hindu religion. One of the most followed thing is that we should not go to temple after taking non veg food. Have you ever wanted to know the reason behind it? Just keep reading…

The food we eat is more related to our body.

Let me explain it with an example. If you had taken a curd rice for your lunch, you might be feeling sleepy very often. Similarly if you had taken a non veg food, your body and mind will feel some tiredness and laziness. This condition will not be suitable for our mind and body to observe the positive vibrations in the temple.

And it would not be fit to get the good thoughts and vibrations from the temples.  This is one of the most important reason for not visiting the temple after eating non veg food.

Our ancestors have followed every single ritual or rules based on various scientific reasons… We should be proud to such a genius ancestors in our genealogy.


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