Rohini Upvas

2017 Rohini Vrat

Mahavir Swami Rohini Vrat is significant fasting day in Jain community. Rohini Vrat is mainly observed by women for the long life of their husbands. Rohini is one of the Nakshatra out of twenty-seven Nakshatra in Jain and Hindu calendar.

Rohini fasting is observed on the day when Rohini Nakshatra prevails after sunrise. It is believed that those who observe Rohini fasting can get rid of all types of sorrows and poverty. The Parana of Rohini Nakshatra is done during Margashirsha Nakshatra when Rohini Nakshatra ends.

There are twelve Rohini fasting days in a year. Usually Rohini Vrat is observed for three, five or seven years continuously. The advisable duration of Rohini fasting is five years and five months. Rohini fasting should be finished with Udyapana.

10 January (Tuesday) Rohini Vrat
06 February (Monday) Rohini Vrat
05 March (Sunday) Rohini Vrat
01 April (Saturday) Rohini Vrat
29 April (Saturday) Rohini Vrat
26 May (Friday) Rohini Vrat
23 June (Friday) Rohini Vrat
20 July (Thursday) Rohini Vrat
16 August (Wednesday) Rohini Vrat
12 September (Tuesday) Rohini Vrat
10 October (Tuesday) Rohini Vrat
06 November (Monday) Rohini Vrat
03 December (Sunday) Rohini Vrat
31 December (Sunday) Rohini Vrat

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