Sanskrit Diwas

Sanskrit Diwas

7 th August 2017

Sanskrit Diwas Timings

Purnima Tithi Begins = 22:28 on 6/Aug/2017
Purnima Tithi Ends = 23:40 on 7/Aug/2017 Panchang for Sanskrit Diwas Day
Choghadiya Muhurat on Sanskrit Diwas

2017 Sanskrit Diwas

Sanskrit Diwas is celebrated to mark the importance of Sanskrit language, the mother of all Indian languages and the first among the ancient languages spoken in India. Sanskrit Diwas is annually observed on the Shravana Purnima day as per Hindu lunar calendar. Sanskrit Diwas is also known as Sanskrit Day.

Sanskrit Day was first observed in the year 1969. Various activities, seminar and workshops are organized on the day of Sanskrit Diwas to promote the Vedic language. In current time, the usage of Sanskrit has been limited to only Puja-Patha and academic activities.

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